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Our goal

To bring fruits to your table with the highest quality standards, at a fair price, generating profits in order to maintain well-paid jobs, always striving to attain the greatest satisfaction for our customers and employees.

Our ideals

We want to become international market leaders regarding quality, price and customer service. We strive to become a 100% sustainable company and therefore to be recognized nationally as an eco-friendly company with certified quality.

Our quality policy

In MonteReal and its corporate parent, Agropecuaria Marlee S.A., we are committed to produce, industrialize and market healthy and nutritious agricultural products at low costs, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs by means of a continuous improvement and innovation system, remaining eco-friendly and true to our philosophy and beliefs, while ensuring the profitability and good standing of our company in order to support the common good.

Our Beliefs:

We believe in MÉXICO and its potential, in MAN and WOMAN and their HONESTY, in the FREEDOM of enterprise, in WORK as a path to well-being, in the SOCIAL PURPOSE of companies, in the ABSOLUTE RESPECT OF MOTHER NATURE, in CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, in PLANNING, ORGANIZATION AND SYSTEMATIZATION as the pillars of our employees’ work, in the SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS, in the need to generate REVENUE to stimulate the productive investment, in COMMUNICATION so as to foster harmony, loyalty, commitment, creativity, leadership, respect and a positive, friendly attitude, and in HUMBLENESS and HONESTY toward the internal and external associates of our company.

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